12-600v Mastech Lcd Display Ms8906 Voltage Continuity Tester Led Indicator

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Review (mpn:12-600v) Mastech Lcd Display MS8906 Voltage Continuity Tester 12-600V LED indicator New .

Package included: 1 x voltage/continuity tester 1 x set of test leads copyright 2010all rights reservd. Inkfrog terapeak i000000 inkfrog analytics. Ms8906 voltage continuity tester description: specifications: ac/dc voltage test; phase indication of three-phase ac; with the function of continuity test; lighting funtion in dark environment; there is no need to install battery when used for voltage test; the maximum voltage measured value can reach 600v; the single probe test can distinguish zero wire from fire wire; with buzzer and led indicator during measuring.....

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mpn: 12-600v, name: Mastech Lcd Display MS8906 Voltage Continuity Tester 12-600V LED indicator New, url: , description: Review (mpn 12-600v) Mastech Lcd Display MS8906 Voltage Continuity Tester 12-600V LED indicator New . Package included 1 x voltage continuity tester 1 x set of test leads cop, date listed: March 17th, 2013,
currency: USD, price: $33.39

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